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Secret Pop Star Mystery Party

Secret Pop Star Mystery

Want to throw a party that is truly different and unique. Your guests become members of the Star detective agency, complete with a badge and detective kit. Itís up to the Star Detective team to find the clues and solve the crime. This original mystery party game is played theater style, with each guest selecting a character to play, dressing the part and reading a script and improvising. One of the guests is the guilty party.


Murder and/or Mystery plot available.

Recommended Age 7 and up

Secret Pop Star Mystery Game

$500 minimum  8 girls

$25.00 each additional girl, up to 16 girls


2-3 Party Assistants

Glamour Make-up or Face Painting

Hair Styling

Mini- Manicures

Character Costumes (to wear during party)

Star Party Favor

Feather boa

Autograph books

Red Carpet Runway Show

3 hour Party

Your mission should you choose to accept is the solve the caseÖ Pop Star Sensation Savannah Louisiana is having a birthday party. Shhh, Savannah has a secret. She secretly lives as a normal teenager girl. Some of her friends know here secret, but who else knows? And who sold her secret to Star Gossip Magazine? Was it the fashion designer? The sitcom star? The country singer? Her best friend? Or was it Savannah herself? You must figure it out and solve the mystery!



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